How To Cross The Golden Gate Bridge For Under $3

Option 1 - Take The Bus $2.75

76X Bus Line (SFMTA/MUNI)

MUNI is the name of the public transportation system (SFMTA) located in San Francisco County. The bus fare costs $2.75 for adults and is free for children under 5. For more information on how to cross the Golden Gate Bridge by bus and fare prices click here.

Available: Weekends And Holidays


There is a designated bus line, the 76X, for transportation between San Francisco and Marin Headlands that operates only on weekends and certain holidays throughout the year. This route includes a bus ride from San Francisco to Marin Headlands via the Golden Gate Bridge (Highway 101 North).

Start at the closest designated 76X bus stop near you. Take the 76X outbound to Marin Headlands (Northbound line). Depending on where your origin is, the trip can take between 20-50 minutes one way. Click here (link to Muni info) for information on how to buy a MUNI ticket.

The Map Below Shows The Outbound 76X Bus Stops In San Francisco

Where To Stop

  1. Kirby Cove:
    Overview -
     One of the first stops once you cross the GG Bridge, this bus stop offers access to Kirby Cove Trail and Campgrounds. There is also a must see, picture-worthy destination that is just a five minute walk away from the bus stop.
    Trip Suggestion: Walk through the parking lot towards Battery Spencer. This is about a 5 minute walk up a slight hill from the bus stop, and features some of THE best views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Afterwards take the 0.8 mile downhill hike towards Kirby Cove Campgrounds.
  2. Alexander Dr. & Conzelman Rd.:
    Overview - This is the first stop once you cross the GG Bridge going North on the 76X. Get off at this stop to access Fort Baker. Great for picnics, large group outdoor events, historical walks, beach-access and hiking.
    Trip Suggestion: Check out the historical Horseshoe Cove for access to public beach areas, sailing/boat ramps, and fishing.
  3. Bunker Rd./Stables:
    Overview - This stop gets off by the Presidio Riding Club. If you're interested in seeing horses or taking a riding lesson this is the stop for you.
    Trip Suggestion: Get off at this bus stop and hike 0.8 miles (1.3 km) along the Coastal Trail via this route to get to the secluded and beautiful Black Sands Beach.
  4.  Battery Alexander/Field Rd:
    Overview - Interested in checking out a lighthouse and some historical military sites? Batter Alexander stop is for you. This stop gives you access to some of the best trails in Marin Headlands, including the Point Bonita Lighthouse trail.
    Trip Suggestion: Follow this route to get to Point Bonita Lighthouse.

Option 2 - Take A Bike $2.00

Jump Bikes

Available: Anytime

By SF Weekly

JUMP Bikes
 offers an affordable and exciting way to cross the Golden Gate Bridge for only $2 per 30 minutes. Unfortunately there is a designated boundary for renting these bikes, and you must return the bike within that area. NOTE - You are NOT allowed to ride your electric bike with the power mode on. You must turn it off and manually pedal the bike while on the bridge.

Since the GG Bridge is 1.7 miles long, you would be able to ride across the bridge and back to the Marina District (within the bounds) for only $2.00. Each additional minute after that would cost you $0.07. Also, if you bike across the bridge, be sure to look at the signs. Bicyclists must use the west side of the bridge, facing the ocean, while pedestrians use the east sidewalk.

Option 3 - Run Or Walk FREE

Jog or Walk Along The Bridge

Available: Anytime

How To Cross The Golden Gate Bridge For Under $3 - Running The Bridge

The East sidewalk of the Golden Gate Bridge offers a path for pedestrians to walk across. The length of the bridge is 1.7 miles (2.7 km), and is worth the experience for those who don't enjoy bicycling. Runners will enjoy the thrill of running across the iconic bridge, and the refreshing ocean winds on this route. You can lengthen your run by starting at Embarcadero or Crissy Field.

Pedestrians should be advised that no dogs are allowed on the bridge, and the winds can be very cold depending on fog. So, it's best to bring a jacket!

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