Northern California Things To Do 

The further north you drive on Highway 1, the more you begin to realize how beautiful the contrast of tall, evergreen trees is against the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Every minute of driving on this road includes a panoramic view of California's beauty. 

Northern California offers dozens of amazing destinations to include in an epic adventure. Mt. Shasta, a potentially active volcano, is a prominent landmark in Northern California, and offers visitors year round camping, hiking, and seasonal lavender farm tours. Another nearby volcanic site can be found at Lassen Volcanic National Park. This park is rich in hydrothermal sites, wildlife viewing, and more.

Burney Falls is another popular attraction in Northern California. Located in Shasta County, President Theodore Roosevelt once called the falls "the eighth wonder of the world". The coastal side of Northern California boasts the wildflower covered cliffs of the Lost Coast, along with miles of ancient Redwood trees.


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